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Buyer's Guide - 2022

Which Gaming Chair to Choose? - Buying Guide (2023)

by Smart Market 15 Sep 2022 0 Comments
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Buying a Gaming Chair: What You Need to Know

Today, gaming chairs are the true heart of any gaming setup. This is an investment not to be taken lightly! In recent years, the number of brands offering gaming chairs has exploded, and it's easy to get lost before choosing your chair.

Having chosen upstream, your online gaming store only offers the best products and brands, this guide will help you choose your gaming chair from this selection according to your budget and your personal expectations.

Thanks to our experience and that of experts in the field, we have written this buying guide that will help you better see and understand what the selection criteria are, and ultimately find the gaming chair that's right for you. !

Why buy a gaming chair?

With the democratization around 2015, it is no coincidence that gaming chairs quickly became legion. Indeed, as pro/semi-pro gamers, we spend a lot of time sitting in front of our Gamer PCs . It therefore seems normal to equip yourself to maximize your comfort and avoid back pain, but also to adopt the ideal posture (height, close to the screen, etc.) to stay in shape while playing! In terms of looks, having a gaming chair is a real asset to embellish your setup even more.

How much to invest in a gaming chair?

While many lesser-known brands offer good entry-level products around 1500-2000 MAD, we recommend setting a minimum price of 3000 MAD to have a gaming chair worthy of the name and avoid disappointment.

When it comes to gaming chairs, in the final analysis, cheap is expensive. A low priced chair will not last over time and will quickly degrade, in addition to looking good, and leaving visible leatherette or foam debris on the floor.

Additionally, comfort is one of the most important aspects of a gaming chair , and entry-level models are almost always made of wood plywood and have very low foam density. In short, in the end it will probably be worse than a standard chair, so you might as well find out and invest in a real gaming chair!

What are the best brands of gaming chairs available in Morocco?

Many brands of gaming chairs are used today in e-Sport, such as DXRacer , in the biggest tournaments (ESL, Dreamhack, etc.), but also by teams and pros and even gamers. More generally, Razer , MSI and Cooler Master are historical brands that produce the gaming chair.

Some hardware and peripheral brands have also managed to be seduced by the experience, such as Spirit of Gamer , which also offers gaming chairs at good prices.

How to choose a gaming chair?

Now that we know why you should buy a gaming chair, at what price and from which manufacturers, we are going to define the specifications of the gaming chair: what are the main characteristics to take into account? Are they useful for everyone? What is the reason for the high price? But what other important parameters are there to choose: shape, appearance, budget…

Which gaming chair with which morphology?

Your shape is one of the first characteristics to consider when choosing a chair. In fact, the appropriate wheelchair will vary depending on your height and/or weight. The manufacturers have well segmented their product range and offer the XXL Gaming Chair among their chairs, which offer wider seats and higher weight resistance.

The latter are more durable, larger and more expensive. The One Meter 75Cm 75kg person has different needs than a 1m 95 90kg, so buying advice starts by looking at the size of the gaming chair and the manufacturer's recommendations on the right size. In general, we recommend standard sizes with a minimum capacity of 100-120 kg and the heaviest at 150 kg. The Razer brand offers high quality chairs.

Different styles of gaming chairs

Overall, there is something for all tastes and all colors! Not all gaming chairs are alike and it's important to know your preferences before heading to a brand. Indeed, the brands are different depending on whether you prefer "racing" bucket chairs, chairs with a very elegant look or chairs with a subversive look.

In terms of colors, the choice is fantastic, whether it's a simple patchwork or a pattern, or an entire coating, the manufacturers have shown their imagination.

However, DXRacer won the Choice Award with over 100 different references! Cooler Master or MSI offer armchairs with a traditional look, but which exude quality thanks to the stitching or "quilting" effect of the seat. Spirit Of Gamer specializes in racing bucket seats. It pays off massively in the shoulders for a very noticeable sense of containment and support.

Styles Gaming Chairs Morocco

The inclinations (backrest and seat)

In terms of adjustment and comfort, the inclination of the backrest is one of the selection criteria. Most chairs offer tilts from 90° (vertical position) to 180° (horizontal position), and it can easily be said that the most common and useful positions are 100° to 160°. What is interesting is the number of intermediate positions available, the most common use on the famous gaming chair is 10° in each position.

The inclination of the seat, little known and not present on all chairs, is the possibility of adjusting the inclination of the entire seat including the backrest (see photo). This is one of the features that sets high end chairs apart from other chairs.

The Lock

The locking or tilting system is often overlooked in product descriptions, and it's hard to realize its benefits other than testing the IRL chair. This is an important feature not found on all chairs that can make a difference.

There are 2 types of locking/tilting systems, the first only releases the tilt of the backrest, while the second which is rarer and also unlocks the seat for a very pleasant rocking effect.

The armrests

There are 4 types of armrests, their names are: 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D. For what ? This is just the number of sizes the armrest can be adjusted to.

  • 1D: Height
  • 2D: Height + Lateral
  • 3D: Height + Lateral + Depth (front and back)
  • 4D: Height + Lateral + Depth + Rotation

Most chairs offer at least 2D armrests, 3D armrests are the most common and 4D is reserved for higher end seats. These settings allow you to adjust your position relative to the desktop and therefore adjust your mouse or keyboard. Another advantage is that it is convenient to change the armrest settings when you switch games and play on the controller.

The coating

Coating is the spec that has the biggest impact on price change. There are 3 different types of coatings:

Leatherette: This is a synthetic leather made up of two layers of leather and a layer of polyurethane. The rendering is very good, imitating the look and feel of leather. This synthetic material also allows the use of different colors. It is therefore not a selection criterion in itself. Usually, well-known brands use high-quality leatherette.

Fabric: The choice of upholstery fabric is more of a personal preference. Made of synthetic fibers, the finish differs from leather or imitation leather, both in touch (softer) and in appearance. However, be aware of this material's susceptibility to stains.

Leather: No need to show the benefits of leather. It is elegant, more durable and will last over time if cared for. Unfortunately, it is reserved for high-end armchairs. Leather is genuine, color options are limited.

The padding

The padding shows the density of the foam inside the chair. This graph is easy to understand, the higher the density, the higher the comfort, durability and quality of the seat. The number is as follows: “X kg/m3”. We believe that a good chair should contain at least 50kg/m3. Another important aspect is to ensure that the foam used has been cold cured.

Structure, base and cylinder

A chair generally consists of 3 main parts: the structure (where the covering is placed), the cylinder and the base.

The structure of the chair is also a selection criterion. Most good gaming chairs have corrosion-resistant stainless steel frames, but that's not the only indicator of quality. The frame should be distributed not only on the seat, but also on the back. This guarantees greater resistance and longevity.

Depending on the brand or the range, the base, or more commonly the foot of the chair, does not change much. Just make sure you have 5 branches for stability and mobility.

The cylinder itself is an anti-weight guarantee and a guarantee of adjustment frequency. Almost all manufacturers use very good class 4 cylinders, so the only factor to consider is the maximum weight.

The options

Options are very important and can be the deciding factor between two brands. Here are some options we have identified:

Cushions: Usually at least 1 cushion is included, but preferably 2 (head and waist)!

Casters: The optional rubber casters are very useful to reduce noise on the ground, in particular to avoid scratching the parquet or damaging the carpet. To prevent this, brands like Razer offer foot pads.

Personalization: Some brands like MSI, Cooler Master and Spirit Of Gamer offer personalized cushions and even chair covers with text or logo embroidery. Which class !

Railings: 3D or 4D railings can optionally be added when they are not standard.

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